Welcome to SMART WORLD UNION. Learn more about our groundbreaking energy project.

  • Pay YOUR ENERGY BILLS with our crypto
  • Join a new platform for CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS
  • Help build the ENERGY EXCHANGE of the future

1% of tokens will be taken from each transaction

  • These levies will be used to support sustainable development projects.


The SWU tokens sold during the first round of the initial coin offering will be locked up for six months. The tokens sold during the second round of initial coin offering will be gradually released in 15% tranches each month (10% the last month) resulting in full release at the end of six months. The tokens of Chez Switch team members and partners will also be locked up for six months, then gradually released in 15% tranches every month (10% the last month).


We will allocate tokens to reserves to make sure we can sell tokens under future partners’ monthly public offerings. Having tokens in reserves also helps make sure we can grow the network over time—especially the energy marketplace. We will use tokens allocated to premiums and marketing to launch marketing campaigns to encourage people to use SWU tokens and ensure our tokens are listed on the right platforms.

DISCOVER A TOKEN that allows you to pay your bills directly with your operator, whether for electricity, gas or telephony.

PARTICIPATE IN THE TOKEN which certifies the origin of your energy with smart contracts, the authenticity of ecological producers and the green energies that you consume.

MANAGE THE TOKEN which will allow you to sell the energy produced by your own facilities on an international marketplace.

IMAGINE THIS TOKEN that helps you produce your own green energy yourself by financing ecological projects all over France.


Gas, electricity, and phone


Thanks to SWU token staking


Help choose green projects

Green energy producers, suppliers, and consumers earn rewards in SWU tokens

DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are designed to be automated and decentralized. DAOs help minimize human error and the ability to manipulate funds by transferring decision-making power to an automated system and a collaborative group process. The SWU DAO comprises community members working together to fund projects and make decisions on how to allocate these resources. Proposals are made by network participants and approved by a majority consensus. Members use their SWU governance tokens to participate.

This sponsorship structure would be managed by a democratic system called a DAO* (decentralized autonomous organization). Our goal is to guarantee totally decentralized and transparent governance. Entities with green projects can showcase their efforts to the DAO. After everyone who holds SWU tokens votes, the DAO would allocate a budget to support these new projects.

The marketplace for energy producers and distributors

Our goal for this new energy marketplace is to make it possible for customers to negotiate sales contracts on the spot market and set up futures contracts for industry players, such as PPAs.

Using blockchain technology provides security and transparency for international trading between producers, wholesalers, and operators. In its analysis, Blockchain: A true disruptor for the energy industry, the consulting firm Deloitte rightfully praised blockchain technology in the energy sector.

According to Deloitte, “one of the most obvious and powerful uses for a digital ledger technology is to provide a reliable and efficient platform for executing and recording transactions (and for tracking ownership as assets change hands multiple times before settlement).”

Pay utility bills with SWU tokens
Energy complies with international green energy production standards
Conscious consumers earn rewards for going green


Producers, suppliers, and consumers earn rewards in SWU tokens
Fully decentralized and transparent governance via a DAO
Green project funding through SWU token staking

New energy exchange for negotiating sales contracts on the spot market
Futures contracts for industrial customers
Carbon offsetting
Rewards for energy producers that stay under set CO2 emission levels


Find out all the details of a historic energy player's project.

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Historical player in energy

■ IN THE BEGINNING : Liteyear, a sales force 300 strong that has won over more than 1.5 million customers for the largest energy, telecom, and fiberoptics companies in France in just 15 years.

Each team member has helped Liteyear succeed by contributing their own experience, skills, and expertise in customer relations, technical operations, health, safety, quality, and the environment, administration and finance, human resources, marketing, and communications. Each and every day, all 300 of our Chez Switch team members support each other and our entire network of partners, organizations, and customers that make up the living SWU project ecosystem.

At Chez Switch, we’re energy experts. And now we’re one of the leading specialists in energy cost optimization in France.

■ Then came the Chez Switch network - 2018 After the French government started granting more market access to alternative operators, we opened France’s first Energy Store in Reims on May 25, 2018 before launching 10 other stores across the country. These stores had a simple, unique concept with a fitting slogan—One day, we’ll all Switch.

■ The power of sales: SWITCH UB COMPANY - 2020 we launched our digital marketing platform, which has become the first completely independent, self-governing, and connected sales team in the world. We have uberized our teams so they are firmly embedded in the growth of our business. Our efficiency, our strength, and our energy expertise naturally drove us to create our own offerings and products at a time when markets have been opening up to European countries

■ Our path forward: Smart World Union The SWU will validate, record, and chain together billions of energy transactions on the blockchain, including transactions relating to energy production, origin, purchasing, supply chain, distribution, sales, and consumption.
We’re starting with electricity, gas, and cell phone services, then adding water and fossil fuels.

AT SWITCH First operator / user of SWU


First store opened in 2018


Four different 4G and 5G plans offered


Low prices tied to France’s regulated electricity tariff


Coming soon at the end of 2021 and also priced according to the regulated tariff.


In just 15 years, we’ve managed to become a major energy industry player—from sales to production. Here’s a look back at how we got here.

The SWU Project’s Diverse and Dedicated Team



Chez Switch, what is it?

At Chez Switch, we’re energy experts. And now we’re one of the leading specialists in energy cost optimization in France.

When it comes to energy, the average customer is short on facts and time. That’s where we step in. Our solution provides turnkey services to save on energy costs while staying true to our word: we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything !

What are SWU tokens for?

SWU (Switch Ub Coin) are ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a cryptocurrency that can be used as a means of exchange (much like the euro) for fast, transparent, and most of all, secure transactions.

The SWU token will be accepted to pay for services offered within the Chez Switch ecosystem and for energy bills. SWU token.

Customers who hold their SWU tokens for a predetermined period may see their investment grow year over year.Customers who pay using SWU tokens will receive a discount.

Plus SWUtoken owners can help make some decisions at Chez Switch and play a role in our long-term development.

What is a blockchain ?

The blockchain is a chain of data blocks bundled together in an unalterable digital ledger. It’s a database that serves as an information storage and transmission technology that’s consensually shared by all users.

Blockchain technology lets users create new digital relationships and ensure transactions are fast and secure. In practice, data is traceable and unforgeable, which lets users transact directly.

What are cryptocurrencies and tokens?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses technology known as cryptography that provides a reliable, fast, and transparent mechanism for transferring value at a lower cost. Cryptocurrency is exchanged via peer-to-peer transactions on a decentralized system, the blockchain, that is always up to date and can’t be altered. Tokens are digital assets that are issued and can be traded on a blockchain. The difference between cryptocurrencies and tokens is that a cryptocurrency is a unit of value on its own blockchain, whereas a token exists on an existing blockchain.

Do you have a legal entity?

We have approached the ORWL law firm, a major player in the Crypto ecosystem having already collaborated with Coinhouse, Blockchain Partner, socios and various industry leaders. They helped us with the legal procedures for the ICO part.